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THE YCEO: You need these 6 types of friends in your life

There is an old saying that says that you are known by the company you keep. It means that your friends are the people who indicate what kind of a person you are because they have so much influence on you. If you spend an evening with a friend who turns your every positive emotion into a negative one, you will feel drained by the end of the day. On the flip side, if you spend even an hour with someone who lifts you up, you get inspired to conquer the world. It is because such friends give you comfort and push you to expand your horizons. Therefore, you need to have friends in your circle that have different perspectives that force you to think about other possibilities.

The people you spend your most time with have a great impact on the personality that you develop, the inspirations that you have, and the motivation that you need. Following are the kind of friends that should be there in your circle:

One who is totally your opposite:
When you live in a like-minded people, you do not make an effort to move out of your comfort zone. It is because you feel a security that does not allow you to feel the need to move forward. Therefore, you need a polar opposite of yours as your friend in your circle. People with opposite view will open your eyes to see the world from a different perspective.

Who is culturally different:
The world would have been a much better place if everyone had friends who belong to different cultures. Because it teaches you to become open-minded and tolerable towards those who have different ways of living life.

The supporter:
In your circle, you also need someone with whom you can let your guard down. These are the friends who are a safe haven for you and you feel comfortable in their presence. This is the kind of person whom you will have during the journey if life. They will always be your support wither you succeed or face the hard times.

A critical thinker:
You might feel it’s irritating to be friends with someone who asks lots of questions, but these should be a must in your circle of friends because they have the ability to see the problems before they arise.

A decisive person:
There is always a need of a person who helps you to bring your dream into a reality. These are the people who are decisive and have an understanding of the bigger picture. They have the talent to help you break down bigger goals into smaller steps and push you to fall to the practical side.

Brutally honest person:
Sometimes you ignore the truths in your life by closing your eyes. But this makes your situation even worse. Therefore, you need to have a brutally honest person in your friends circle to take your blurred glasses off your face and show you the reality. These are the people who you actually need to hold on to.

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