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When people approach me to ask advice on how to make a change or inspire others, I often tell them to be the first ones to do this, no different than what people like Gandhi or Martin Luther King did. I personally saw this in action with my youngest daughter.

My mother lives at a nearby senior’s residence, and we make it a point to visit her a few times a week. In talking with the other seniors who live there, I found that not too many have family visit, and life becomes a humdrum routine, which is quite apparent when we visit each time.

On a couple of occasions, I had my daughters join my mother to play bingo in a room full of seniors. The first time we came, the look of incredulous surprise shot around the room that someone’s grandchildren joined the room. Some seniors excitedly begged my girls to sit at their table, and during the bingo games, many tried to sneak a glance at the girls.

When someone yelled “BINGO”, this was followed by a chorus of disappointing noises around the room, but when my daughter yelled, “BINGO”, there was a lot of clapping and whistling. She felt proud of her accomplishments, and I felt proud that my daughters were able to inspire happiness in a room full of seniors, giving them a moment of joy.

I reflected on this inspirational moment and what it showed me is that if you want to inspire others, or even create change, you have to begin by doing it yourself. You have to walk the talk, and this is extremely relevant in your personal life, in entrepreneurship or as a leader in an organization. And when you do, you take a dull situation and begin to create waves of excitement. For us, all it took was one word – “BINGO”!


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