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THE YCEO: Step Into Your Greatness

Greatness is something everyone wants to achieve but most people will never get there. I don’t mean to sound harsh but it would not be fair if I pretend the opposite is so. Truth be told, most are not willing to work on themselves to develop the discipline needed to reach that state of greatness. God has given everyone the same amount of time in a day to work on our destiny and how we decide to spend that time is completely up to us. We can spend it chasing our drama or we can spend it chasing our dream. Personally, I prefer the dream.

The 3 Habits of Great People

1. Commit to a Plan
It is impossible to arrive at any destination without a plan. Think about it. When you get in your car to go somewhere you have a general idea of the route you are going to take. When you are not familiar with the correct route it’s time to take out the GPS. The same is true when it comes to life. Greatness will never fall into our lap. We have to get up and start to make things happen.

A common mistake we make as believers is that we often fail to work a plan and use the old “I’m going to pray about it” as an excuse for our inaction. While prayer is extremely important, we can no longer use it as an excuse to remain immobilized by our fear. It’s time for us to put our left in front of our fright and start moving our lives in the direction God has been pointing to. Never be afraid to work the plan God has given you.

What gifts has God placed in your hands?
What are you doing with them?

2. Avoid Distractions
Simply put, a distraction is a broken state of focus. We can no longer allow our focus to be broken by the people, places, and things that were never meant to be part of our destiny. God is doing a new thing and we’re going to miss it if our attention is not in the right place.

We live in a time when it’s easy to get distracted. Everywhere you look there is drama. There is drama on the job, drama in the church, and there is certainly drama in the family. We all must do our best not to get so entangled with what’s going on with our “this” that we forget about God’s plan for “that”. We can’t help what others choose to focus their attention on but as for you and me; we have a destiny to fulfill.

3. Never Give Up
Anyone who has ever been great at anything has also been on the opposite end of that spectrum. They know how it feels to have things not work out in their favor. They achieved their goal because they absolutely refused to give up. No matter how hard things get in life we must do the same. We have to develop the will to keep going no matter what.

The last words that Jesus said on the cross were “It is finished.” We can learn a lot from his example. He did not give up the ghost until the thing he was put here on earth to do was accomplished. The same must be true for you and me. We can’t stop until we fulfill our destiny. There is a part of God’s will that will never be done on the earth until we do our part. There are people waiting for us to fulfill our destiny because we are the link in the chain that will pull them up. This is my message to you today. Commit to a plan, avoid distractions, and never give up!


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