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In this life, there are events that are bound to happen no matter what you do to prevent them and when these events occur, know that it is not your fault. They happen for numerous reasons.

When people loathe you because of such events, ignore them for the statement of the day is: “Don’t mind what people say behind your back because it’s of no importance”. At the end of this piece, you will understand the reason why this is so.

Experiences, disappointments, failures and surprises etc. are things you come into contact with through people around you. You cannot live in life and have a flow from a linear direction. Automatically, life flows in so many directions, giving us the few things I have listed above. Before you can get an experience, you need someone as an object to make that happen.

Disappointments come from the people around you when they promise you something and never fulfill them and it’s vise versa. At the end of the day, you are going to experience all these things through your encounter with human beings and not animals. So far as you are human, your experience is going to come from a human being.

Yours is to learn because it has already been defined that, "Life is a difficult exam." and since you are in life, you are a student. What a student does is to learn everything in the syllabus depending on the stage he or she finds him or herself. There is no way you will walk into the class of students who are humans and find a Lion teaching them. No! You will find a human being as a teacher.

Because he or she is suitable and best at it.

You can’t walk through life without hitches here and there. That’s why it is life. During the days of the church when Jesus Christ got angry because His father’s house was turned into a market, the approach he took hurt the people because Jesus trembled over the livelihoods but that action was for Jesus to prove himself right. He had to and I believe, the people talked behind his back.

You are not the one who created hate, disappointments, failures, struggles, setbacks, and the like. It was there since the prehistoric days. In Ecclesiastic 3:1, it talks about time for everything. Meaning whatever revolve around you needs to be there. You are not going to pass through days in life without disappointing, surprising, failing, creating, experiencing and not getting others do same to you. I pray you understand this.

Your progress is someone’s disappointment. Your good deeds is someone’s bad wish. Your prosperity is making someone rancor. It is not your fault it's happening that way. That is the nature of life. That’s why it is said: “Don’t mind what people say behind your back because it’s of no importance”. People will always be there to talk no matter what, be it good or bad. If a breakthrough in the physical realm is a disappointment in the dark realm just because there is no good wish over there, what makes you think you can walk through life being an angel? It can’t happen. Even angels get hated.

On the mountain where Moses’s body was supposed to be taken to where he belongs. The angel had to fight with another fellow and I believe his action was being discussed. Normally, when a new year is about to be welcomed by human beings, we hear a lot of people say, ‘I am cutting some people off, I am changing my number etc’. It just doesn't happen, It's life. It is not your fault. This is the syllabus.

“The man for whom time stretches out painfully is one waiting in vain. Life is not finding tomorrow to make it continue from yesterday”. You don’t have the same heart with everybody. What you regard to be outstanding, is an error somewhere. Yours is not to figure out what people assume. Say sorry when necessary but not hate yourself afterwards.

Sometimes, something needs to occur. Sometimes, you just don’t have to mind. Sometimes, you just have to pretend you don’t have heart at all.

It wasn’t your fault you cut that person off. You needed to move on. It’s not your fault you disappointed someone. Something came up. Don’t make it a habit. It’s not your fault they like you more than someone. It’s not your fault you feel the whole world hates you because your light will break walls if they love you. It is not your fault you thought everything is normal, knowing very well you are a spirit in a body and you don’t fight against flesh and blood.

Expect the best, be prepared for the worse, forget about what others think and do your own thing.
“Death and Destruction lie open before the Lord- How much more do human hearts” (Proverbs 15:11)

Writer: AnnieJoy 
(Akosua Agyeman Gyan)

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