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When you take a close look at your microscope and focus on viewing the world, you will come to the realization that the people who are termed as, "the Generation", which in actual sense, the generation is known to be the youth in the global world are running at a speed. A speed nobody can tell where it’s coming from and where it's heading towards.

However, the speed at which they are running is categorized depending on the magnitude. Some are running too fast leaving doubts in the mind of society.

The speed in life is to be rich. Some are already rich overnight with their source still being doubted as authentic.

The speed for relationships, for fame, for honour, for glory, and for “name”.

What are they impatient for? Is it to impress or to actually earn a place on earth? It all mounts up to the life some people project on social media as the right life to live.

Have you looked through your microscope? Are you viewing what I am talking about? What do you see? You open your WhatsApp status and all you see is love quotes, relationship talks etc. Are you reading some truth here? These days, you open your Instagram account and all you see is the youth projecting their relationships, magnificent photo shoot images, nudity, flashy lifestyles and many others.

Making some youth impatient and leaving the thoughts that life happens in a day, forgetting that even with your leg, it's either the left will go ahead before the right or vice versa.

Meaning, to approach life, you need to be patient and it’s always one step at a time. What are you impatient for? You listen to the story of Nelson Mandela and you aspire to be like him but you forget to learn the lesson of his story. You listen alright but the lessons are ignored. The lesson in his story tells us that he didn’t gain independent for South Africa overnight to become rich, to achieve a status and earn a name.

Will be continued..


 (Akosua Agyeman Djan)

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