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THE YCEO: How Travoola seeks to fill the gaping need for safe and comfortable intercity travels in Nigeria aims to present unrivalled value for money and a unique customer experience when travelling between cities. The startup offers unmatched convenience through their unique Travoola pickup locations spread across cities. Travoola interviewed Michael Oglegba, the CEO of and he told us more about and challenges for running the startup.

Can you tell us about

Travoola seeks to fill the gaping need for safe, reliable, predictable and comfortable intercity travels in Nigeria. The service is the product of deep research and is benchmarked against the most modern IT-driven logistics and transportation services worldwide. It takes into consideration, the state of the Nigerian roads, safety and convenience of our customers providing high-quality service and the least possible cost. Travoola clearly provides an alternative to air travels and for locations without airports, the most reliable service. Like we say in Travoola, we want to make our customers “fall in love with travel.”

What is unique about that will prompt a typical Nigerian to use the service instead of opting for Ifesinachi, Young Shall Grow, God is Good and other established transport companies in Nigeria?

Travoola has identified that the current transport companies do not cater adequately to individuals that value their time, comfort and security. we have provided ease of booking, paying and requesting for our services like no other in the industry. While most companies seek to cater to the mass market, we aim to focus on our niche; the upwardly mobile executive, those accustomed to good service and also the aspiring. All vehicles are tracked, with onboard cameras, remotely monitored panic alarm system, courteous and trained Travel guides (drivers). Passengers and our vehicles are fully insured. Our rates are significantly lower than those offering services similar but not comparable to ours.

Long distance travellers are both young and old. How do you intend to encourage some older Nigerians who are obviously not tech-savvy to use your service? It is a niche you cannot ignore.

Bookings can be done online or through our offices in major towns in Nigeria. our platform is user-friendly allowing even the untrained to book and pay for trips.

You are bringing convenience to the doorstep of interstate or intrastate travellers. How do you intend to pick up passengers? How will you deal with late passengers?

We have three key services: Travoola premium (charter), Travoola Classic and Travoola shared. The premium customers are picked up from their locations while the shared service customers must come to our offices at the agreed departure times.

Safety is very important as we have heard several reports of attacks on transport buses. What arrangement have you made to guarantee the safety of your passengers?

Our Travel guides are trained regularly and vehicles must pass a monthly safety test. in addition, vehicles are installed with speed limiters as required by FIRS.

What are the challenges you encountered when starting off?

Online transactions are still not very popular in Nigeria. Also, the state of our roads has driven our maintenance cost to hitherto unpredicted levels.

What are your plans for in the next decade?

Travoola seeks to be all over Africa and beyond in the next 5 years expanding into air travel and logistics.

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