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THE YCEO: Sadly, It's Time to Break up With Your Brand and Move on

Be honest, get help and know what you want in a new brand.

As painful as a bad relationship can be, breaking up can be downright dreadful. Starting a new relationship? Even more difficult. This applies not only to your love life, but also to your brand. When you’ve built your business around your brand, it’s hard to say goodbye. But if it’s not right for you anymore, it’s time to move on. The good news is that when you find the right one, you’ll be head over heels, re-energized and on your way to thrilling success.

Follow these steps to make your breakup smooth and worthwhile -- so it’s the start of a healthy, rewarding new relationship.

Decide to move on.
There are plenty of signals that it’s time to break up with your brand. It doesn’t represent your high-caliber service. You’re embarrassed to hand out your business card. Your fleet looks just like everyone else’s. No wonder you’re heartbroken. It’s time to take action. Don’t stay in a damaged relationship with your bad brand. Yes, it’s gotten you this far, but now it’s quashing your future potential.

Don’t fly solo.
Friends and family are an important support system when you’re struggling with a personal relationship. When you’re wrestling with your brand identity, you need to lean on a professional. Hire an expert with experience developing and executing powerful brands. A pro gives you “tough love” to make smart decisions and can help you implement your new brand correctly across all media.

Know what you want in your new brand.
You would put a lot of thought into your profile on an online dating website. The same preparation is important before you start the rebranding process. Take time to find yourself and figure out what your dream logo does for you. “Who” is your business? Define your target market. What should your new brand convey? While you have this opportunity to revamp your image -- not unlike how you might change your hairstyle when you enter the dating scene -- before designing a new logo, it’s also a good time to consider whether your company’s name and tagline are the strongest they can be. Just like with any long-term relationship, it’s important to invest time and effort to ensure you get this right.

Communicate openly and honestly.
When you’re ready to launch your new brand, explain the facelift to your existing customers and thank them for powering the growth and success that brought you to this exciting point in the company’s lifecycle. Send your adoring brand ambassadors a love letter announcing the news. Take advantage of this opportunity to renew and strengthen your relationship with your loyal clients. Sparks will fly as your makeover reignites their feelings for your company.

Treat your new brand with respect and loyalty.
Don’t mistreat your new brand. It’s a fresh start. Apply it consistently and professionally. Show it off with sharply designed and clearly written sales tools. Nurture your new brand, and it will return the favor.

Repair your brand relationship today.
Once you’ve shed your tears and accepted that it’s time to break the news to your bad brand, call your branding therapist, put away the tissues and start a new logo relationship that propels you to retirement and leaves a legacy.

WRITER: Dan Antonelli

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