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THE YCEO: Moving From Brain Dead to Awakening Ideas

Have you ever been under the gun to create something new but the ideas just weren’t flowing? Or are you wondering how you might move your business from Point A to Point B but need the inspiration to do so?

When we are ready to look, ideas and information surround us. Our only job is to be willing to sit quietly and reflect on where our best sources exist and then take the time to research them.

Most likely, you will see below four resource areas that you already have in your information arsenal. Coincidentally, the same steps for discerning your next move apply to three of these.

Receipt of unsolicited email
It’s close to impossible to create filters for every unwanted email. On the other hand, on occasion, an interesting title may be attached to one of these. On the chance you see this, and assuming it isn’t spam, click the email open to glance through and determine if the information is what you are seeking.

Read the email in full to be certain you have the correct meaning and understanding of how to use the insight shared. And then give the idea a try. Devoting a few seconds of time, several times per week, may lead you to a new thought and improved idea.

Should the trial work out well, the next best step is to contact the sender of the email to thank them. You just might find a new friend or budding partner.

Networking in person
As you move around a room to meet others, you will hear what they are proudly working on and their best achievements. The effort of others may well provoke new ideas for you to move forward with originality. Before you leave the event, you might ask a trusted networker what they think of your budding idea in general terms. This may help you refine it a bit so that you have a more solid footing.

Remain in touch with the people who shared ideas in order to keep one another posted as projects mature. This will be the basis for building your marketing and sales endeavors that come next.

Online conversations
Abundant social media postings are a fleeting moment in time. But as you scan the pages, you undoubtedly will find at least one that piques your curiosity. If there is a link, click on it to learn more.

Intrigued by the posting, message the person behind it. Have a dialogue on the site and then invite an email exchange or phone call. Excellent friendships have been developed this way. You just may find a new partner along with promising new ideas.

On occasion, many people awaken from a deep sleep with a new idea in mind. Their subconscious was working on the idea all the while. Instead of easily dismissing because it may sound “nutty”, carefully consider over the next couple of days. Sometimes these ideas materialize into the best.

The first three topics include open conversation and building of relationships to move toward the new idea and future sales. The last topic of “awakening” is solely dependent upon you. In another sense, our awakening relates to becoming in tune with our personal brand that includes priorities and values.


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