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THE YCEO: How to Recognize You are on The Right Path as an Entrepreneur

Beginning a new business is one of the most intimidating adventures of a lifetime, particularly when you suddenly realize that you are solely dependent upon yourself. Fear enters the picture, and promptly invites panic to join in.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, the experience can and should be highly rewarding as you climb the ladder of learning to reach new heights. One of the better initial paths to take is, “Only focus on the work you enjoy doing most.” Otherwise, your business will not advance as well as it should.

Most entrepreneurs begin solo, but it soon becomes apparent that other teammates are a necessity. For example, you might have created a marketing strategy company, but are in need of someone who knows how to fix software issues and update websites, or of someone familiar with selling services. Aligning with people who have similar values to your own, are willing to provide their best effort and insights, and who are dependable when need arises, are essential qualities to seek out in order for everyone to move forward successfully.

Real Life Example
You may have heard an author speak at a book signing or at a conference. The passion about their work may be heard and seen as they share with audiences the effort that went into producing the piece and the importance it held to transform the initial concept into reality.

Given the passion seen and felt, it is understandable why those authors continue to possess motivation to develop new products and services complementary to the initial book. The joy and motivation continue to feed one another for the person to continually learn and create. In turn, new connections are made and doors of possibility open wide.

Take time each week to reflect on the past week’s activities to answer the following questions asked of yourself:

Off all the activities, which weren’t worth the effort?
Did I receive recognition on something specific?
Which results made me the most proud?

Another component is to factually monitor activities. As each new strategy is implemented, monitor the success for each. Or begin monitoring the areas that you enjoy most to see if they are contributing to your bottom line. So many analytical tools are available, it will be wise to ask your peers which one they use along with reasoning, so that you may select the ones best suited for you.
It will soon become evident where to spend the majority of time and on which to collaborate for those tasks you least enjoy.

Take the challenge to focus on your favorite part of work. Is it possible to leverage that piece into a larger vision with the promise of it becoming highly rewarding?

In your quiet time, create a file with the one word that describes the endeavor you most enjoy. Next, add all of the synonyms and related keywords to build the idea out. With the list complete, are you able to see a trend for where you truly wish to be headed?  Your personal brand may become known as “the motivated one”.


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