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THE YCEO: Soul Train Foundation Embarks On School Donation 

Soul Train Foundation is a group of believers who have the conviction that together we can make a meaningful impact on the next generation. The foundation was brought together with the sole aim of inspiring the next generation both spiritually and physically and our core mandate is Youth Empowerment.

As our slogan implies “Aspire To Inspire” we are committed to being an inspiration for the next generation. Impacting it through whichever positive medium we can find. However, the quest to inspire, we believe should be in the collective interest of every blessed individual and that is the main reason for our clarion call to everybody to Aspire To Inspire.

Its members cut across all sectors in our social environment; both workers and students, as we are united with the common aim of imparting the next generation.


S A P, as an initiative of the foundation is geared towards adopting schools in the deprived communities and soliciting for funds to help provide their basic educational needs; Books, Pencils, Crayons, etc.

However, our engagement with the school does not end at the donation as we intend to see the things we donate being used to the benefit of the students, hence the reason for the adoption.

A phase of the program is the donation, as we intend to provide the students with the basic materials for studies.

Another phase is the “mentors connect”. This is to connect the students to their dream profession. Here, we outline the various disciplines they will want to enroll in and then assemble people from that profession to meet the student and motivate them. This is important because some of the students may see their dreams as a distant land and we intend to bring it closer by connecting them to practitioners of their dreams.

Another phase is the training program for the teachers. The program seeks to set up a training program for the teachers as they play a crucial role in the students believing in themselves to reach their dreams.



Donate any text books that may be available but are not being used.

Support a child with 50peswas or sponsor a child with 50gh (you can support or sponsor as many children as you can.)

The line to call and donate is 0249606462 and 0249960198 and 0248911012

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