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The Young CEO entrepreneur of the week is  Kubi Emmanuel Tetteh is the CEO of Kubi Afriq Garments, speaking to The Y'CEO Show he made known to us that he started the Kubi afriq garment in the year 2011 named *KUBi Afriq Garments*
*he mentions that it wasn't easy starting his fashion company,
"The struggles Was First of all, I had to start from an open area no structure or Shop but with time I had my own after 6 years.*
*In terms of funding Kubi afriq garment he has to to put financial aid on his parents.
    "Funds , My Parents were very instrumental in giving financial support in the Beginning*, *I Never Had The Opportunity to Take a Loan To Start"*
.......................... in every business you have to have a long term plans in other to keep the business running  and very relevant in the fashion and entrepreneur industry  
*My Long Term Plan is To Have a Mass Production Company Producing Affordable Clothes to African Market and Beyond Term in the Industry as (Ready To Wear)* Kubi Emmanuel Tetteh CEO of Kubi Afriq Garments   
My name is Emmanuel Kubi Tetteh and I am a young CEO


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