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THE YCEO: 3 Steps to Create Powerful Results in Any Area of Your Life

Whether your goal is to lose weight, go back to school, be a great parent or start your own business, follow this method for guaranteed success.

Oftentimes, budding entrepreneurs wonder how I've managed to transform my life from being a college dropout and beach bum to straight-A student and values-driven entrepreneur. How did I know starting a business with one product would lead to unprecedented growth? Here's how: Long ago, I made the conscious choice to ensure that every decision I make gets me one step closer to the life I've always envisioned. At night, I close my eyes and I can see my goals. Mornings, I wake up hungry for it.

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful," speaker and author Eric Thomas always tells his audience. The alternative -- not even trying -- is never an option. As entrepreneurs, you probably have a similar mindset.- JEFF OLSON

Unlock the door.
Over the course of my career, I've helped thousands of men and women around the world to build and grow their businesses and achieve great levels of financial freedom and personal excellence. The best part is that I learn as much -- if not more -- from these men and women as they do from me.

I've come to recognize three sure ways that will help you create powerful results in any area of your life. Whether your goal is to lose weight, go back to school, be a great parent or start your own business, if you focus consistently and persistently on the three methods discussed below, you too can create powerful results in any area of your life. After all, if I can do it ...

1. Set your goals.
Countless articles will tell you that the No. 1 reason startups fail is that there's no market need or they run out of cash. Here's what I think: The No. 1 reason a startup fails is that you give up. Not because you're selling a poor product or you have a faulty business model, but rather because you give up.

The first step to creating powerful results in any area of your life is to clearly define your goals. Make your objectives as specific as possible, set a deadline and write reminders down where you can see them. Look at your goals every day. Here's something I've learned: When you surround yourself with the vivid expression of your tangible goals, your subconscious mind goes to work on it. Every time. The most critical step in achieving success in any area of your life, from sports to high finance, radiant health to fulfilling relationships, is the skill of envisioning your goals.

2. Pursue your goals.
Taking the first step is often the hardest part. If you have the right philosophy, you will come up with the right actions, and by consistently repeating those actions a series of events will occur, opportunities will arise, and facing challenges and overcoming obstacles will be just another step in the right direction.

Throughout the years, I've habitually repeated the following Chinese proverb to myself: Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still. This is such an important lesson. In your pursuit of happiness, find value in all your moments. Even perceived setbacks. Pursuing your goals is your journey and you must take the lead.

3. Achieve your goals.
I always tell people that the point of setting and pursuing your goals is not to develop a perfect plan. The idea is to come up with a plan that will get you on your feet, out the door and ready to go! Start with a plan but know that the plan you start with is not necessarily the plan that will get you to your destination. Here's how you achieve your goals! Recognize all the small, seemingly insignificant moments in time and presented opportunities in your life, and string those together -- that's when you'll see the congruent effect of all your actions, commitments, dedication and steps pull your dream together.

In 1969, as he took his first step on the moon, U.S. Astronaut Neil Armstrong said, it's "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Armstrong was spot on: It really doesn't a take a giant leap to accomplish greatness. Greatness starts by taking the first step. What most people realize too late is that anyone can take things one step at a time. Whatever success you want to create, whatever feats you want to achieve, whatever dreams you want to realize, you can. You don't have to accomplish the impossible for extraordinary things to happen. Success doesn't happen overnight, and it certainly doesn't appear out of nowhere. If you set your goals and pursue your goals, you can achieve your goals.


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