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Y'CEO ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK is Wendy Paulet known as Chinwe Udechukwu is a business strategist and a personal development coach. She's the co-founder of Wendy Paulet Consults ltd. A firm that is focused on creating value through Practical Business Strategies & personal development.

Through WPC,"Wendy Paulet Consult "she has helped a good number of entrepreneurs and businesses from various industries to get on the right path to success and maximise their resources.

She has a masters in IBM (International Business Management) with Project Management and a BSc in Business Education and Marketing from Kingston university London and Unn(University of Nigeria, Nsukka) respectively. 

She loves to travel and engaging like minds. She will be writing for our website www.youngceoentrepreneur.blogspot.com coaching us on our small scale business, How to grow our business soon.


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